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Book Title: Amazing Mom

Author: Nichole Truax Ed.D.


Amazing Mom - Description

Moms do incredible things every day. Children may not always know why their mom is amazing but Amazing Mom tells the story. "When I hurt myself.....she makes me better. When I am lonely..... she comforts me." Nichole Truax, dedicates her book to all the "Amazing Moms" and the things they do every day. With full color illustrations of a mom and her son, Nichole includes within the text, many of the 100 "sight words" or words children need to recognize easily when reading. Amazing Mom is designed for the beginning reader with learning activities for parents, grandparents, and teachers to use to assist in practicing sight words and reading comprehension.

Book Title: The Altered I: Memoir of Joseph Kempler, Holocaust Survivor by April Voytko Kempler

Author: April Voytko Kempler


The Altered I: Memoir of Joseph Kempler, Holocaust Survivor by April Voytko Kempler - Description

"The Altered I is an impressive piece of literature, which has added immeasurably to the library of Holocaust history." -John DiGrazia, Colonel, United States Army (retired)

"The Altered I is a life-altering, must-read book...a meticulous masterpiece of authentic history, laced with pulse-pounding thrills, chills, historical timelines and graphic brutality that reinforces the well-documented Holocaust in all its horror." -William Wright, Lifestyles Editor, The Cleveland Daily Banner

"The Altered I may be one of those books that we have a responsibility to read as members of humanity, as curators of this part of our history. It's a story that can't be told enough." - Ken H.

Enduring unspeakable cruelty, Jozef forces himself to deaden his emotions to survive.
Joseph Kempler lived in six different concentration camps. He lost his God, but he never seemed to lose his way.

Book Title: Pick Me, Pick Me

Author: Elizabeth Horton


Pick Me, Pick Me - Description

Meet Miguel, a very special child who wants to do his best. yet he never feels he's good enough for his teacher.
Mrs. Pierce just doesn't seem to notice Miguel no matter what he does.

Why won't she pay attention to him? Why won't she listen to him?

Miguel tries everything from jumping up and down in his seat to neon green shirts and clown glasses to get his teacher's attention.

A great read to book for children of all ages illustrated and in full color.

Book Title: Out in the Sagebrush

Author: Dennis Hill


Out in the Sagebrush - Description

It is rumored that cowboys are becoming a breed on the verge of extinction. I don't believe that to be true.

Great Basin buckaroos live a free life of action and adventure far from civilization, yet not so far as you may think. The job is based on historical methods handed down through time and love of the horse.

The romance of the west is true, not just fiction or novels with gun totin' outlaws, but real people doing hard and not all that glamorous kinds of work.

Cowboys are very much alive, in different places throughout the country. Every region has its own way of doing things, dictated by the country they work in and their traditions. In the high desert of the Great Basin, buckaroo traditions started in Spain three or four hundred years ago.

Billy Gibson will take you into his world of good and bad horses, good and bad men, a faded hero, and a strong woman or two.

A good cowboy yarn!

Book Title: Final Breath: A Love Story

Author: Eddie Floyd


Final Breath: A Love Story - Description

Grandpa and Papa are celebrating Grandma's 100th birthday. Papa and Mister, their red-bone coonhound are on the hunt for Grandma's birthday flower, Papa brings Grandma to it. But this time,Grandma and Papa are in for a surprise....a real birthday surprise.

Book Title: Monte's Lost Colony

Author: Chuck Bedell


Monte's Lost Colony - Description

Life is good for Monte, a very young marmot. He eats the tender grass in the human's meadow and avoids the pink carts and flashing sticks. Monte likes to lie in the sun with his friends, and best of all, listen to the stories in the evening by Methuselah, the oldest marmot in the colony. Monte's life changes when he has a nightmare after listening to a scary story by Methuselah. Monte's mother has the old story-teller banished from the colony for frightening the young marmots. Methuselah is so sad and lonely that he probably won't live through the winter. Monte knows something must be done. He leaves the colony to find proof that Methuselah's stories are true. Monte doesn't count on how dark it is at night and the many dangers, real and imagined, that lurk. Will Monte find the proof he needs? More importantly, will he survive the ill advised adventure?

This chapter book is a great read for kids of all ages! A light-hearted, fun adventure. "Monte's Lost Colony will take kids on an adventure with a young marmot and teach them important values and life lessons that will help shape their character in a positive way." Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, parenting expert, author and founder of Daddy & Co.

Book Title: Force Ten: Doubling the Penny

Author: Mark Shaff


Force Ten: Doubling the Penny - Description

In the debut Marcus Diablo novel, Redemption Road, Marcus' wife, Annie, is murdered during a terrorist attack on the United States. Now in the highly-anticipated sequel, Marcus Diablo and Force Ten are back. As Marcus struggles to raise his sons and heal their broken hearts, he must reconcile his feelings for the woman who has fallen in love with him and his boys. When an attack on the nation's Internet system brings all communications, transportation and financial networks to a halt, Marcus is forced to define his role as a full-fledged member of Force Ten-the world's most respected and effective private military contracting firm. Join Marcus Diablo and an unforgettable cast of characters as they come to terms with the power of family and love, while they fight to save a nation and bring their brand of Justice-Force Ten Justice-to those responsible.

Book Title: Gem: An American Story

Author: Dennis Hill


Gem: An American Story - Description

During the Missouri-Kansas Conflict in 1854 and the horror and chaos of the border conflicts during and before the civil war, two orphan children are thrust together and do their best to survive and build a life.

1935 A Small Ranch in Northern California

But maybe this story isn't about them or the civil war at all. Maybe it's how their lives and times helped shape a boy not even born in the same century.

Book Title: What Deepest Remains: the journey home

Author: Joesph Andrew Holsworth


What Deepest Remains: the journey home - Description

An autobiographical narrative that follows a young but seasoned veteran from his last mission in Iraq to his return and readjustment to life outside of combat. It explores the inner psyche of the modern veteran from the perspective of a jaded young man caught between his pride of service and the moral dilemma of fighting an unjust war. He battles PTSD and alcoholism until he finds peace in the company of a young progressive local poet.

Book Title: Barn Yarns: Tales from the Wynema Ranch

Author: Eddie Floyd


Barn Yarns: Tales from the Wynema Ranch - Description

Hunter is only 3-1/2 years old and loves to talk to the animals. Sometimes, (he says)they talk back. Grandpa and Grandma love him so much, they humor him.

But outside forces and wild animals have been preying on the ranch. Leon and Hootch, two of the dogs on the ranch, face a difficult challenge. Will they survive? Can Hunter's ability to "talk to the animals" help them when they need it?

Author, Eddie Floyd, captures the ranch lifestyle so you feel like you're smelling the fresh air and farm animals all at the same time. Leon and Hootch are endearing characters you learn to love as much as Grandma and Grandpa.

Book Title: Opportunity In Disguise: How I Defeated Adversity

Author: Marc Hoberman


Opportunity In Disguise: How I Defeated Adversity - Description

The things in life that help us become successful and fulfilled can be based upon both positive and negative experiences. Our friends, family, colleagues, and personal decisions all assist us in becoming the people we see in the mirror each morning. In my case, a seizure disorder has taken me on many journeys in the past 35 years. These sojourns have allowed me to delve deeply into my soul and understand the many facets of my moral fiber and the character of those with whom I choose to surround myself. Some may see my illness as a weakness; however, I view it as an incredible strength and opportunity to educate myself and others. 

I have disclosed my infirmity to fewer than 10 people since I was first diagnosed over 35 years ago. The search for my identity has ended, and, just begun. I believe that I have now initiated the process to seize each and every opportunity not in spite of my illness, but because of it. As an educator, I am always struggling to think of new ways to impart knowledge to others. I wrote this book to remind myself and others of the importance of self-worth and inner strength. It is my hope that readers find strength, humor, and inspiration while reading Opportunity in Disguise.

This is the Second Edition, revised and updated from Marc's original publication of Adversity Defeated. Marc's story is inspirational, uplifting and an understanding of how a hardship can be overcome.

Book Title: Heroes & Giants: Second Edition

Author: Douglas B. Ashby


Heroes & Giants: Second Edition - Description

Heroes and Giants Second Edition is, as the late Paul Harvey would say, "The Rest of the Story".

During a career in the emergency services, you will see every imaginable type of tragedy. Author, Douglas B. Ashby who retired from the Los Angeles County Fire Department as a Battalion Chief after almost 35 years in the fire service experienced both tragedy and joy during his many years. 

From stories during his rising career in the fire service to tragedies he experienced in his own life when a family member was murdered, Ashby shows how it is necessary to compartmentalize some of the emotions a firefighter has on a daily basis. 

If you are thinking of joining the fire service or have a family member who is serving, Heroes and Giants gives a glimpse of a 30+ year career, the ups and downs and the insight to being on the front lines every day.

Book Title: When Dreams Come True

Author: Harold Thompson


When Dreams Come True - Description

This beautiful tale came to the author in a dream. His earlier books have been primarily autobiographical. Thompson felt this was the work of a higher power. The words poured out of him and tells a compelling story from the heart that includes messages of hope, redemption, and the value of horse therapy.

The main character is an orphan boy who is adopted by an older man who teaches him many life-building principles and, for the first time in his life, has someone who shows him love. He is taught how to survive in life. He taught him trades of all kinds just as he had his own sons who are now grown. Young people will benefit from reading this book as it is wholesome, though it will be life changing no matter who reads it.

Book Title: Boy in the Corner

Author: Clyde D. Batavia


Boy in the Corner - Description

From being the "Boy in the Corner" to having a voice at the Federal Reserve and a seat at the table with the George H.W. Bush Administration

     A humorous and inspirational story of a young boy plagued with an undiagnosed learning disorder in the early 50s through the 60s before we understood learning disorders. 
     The teachers were frustrated buy Clyde's mother would not give up on him. With her determination and Clyde's will to succeed, he taught himself techniques that "worked for him". 
     As an adult, during part of his military service under the command of General Holllingsworth, Batavia served proudly and gained confidence.
     He went on to run his own company and become the President of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) in Washington D.C.
     Batavia's journey includes rejection and adjusting to life outside the military, often fraught with a desire to "take a swing" at people who did not respect soldiers. In the end, he became a speaker, an author (who would have thought?) and active in merchant organizations around the world.

Definitely a story you should not miss!

Book Title: Memories: A collection of autobiographical short stories

Author: Ruth VanDyke


Memories: A collection of autobiographical short stories - Description

You will laugh at many funny situations, share fearful times and shed a few tears along the way. Ruth has given us a glimpse of many unforgettable times in her life through her collection of short stories. Tales of the many places the author has visited will surely enhance your desire to travel the world! Enjoy the ride.

Book Title: We the People: Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country

Author: Mist Carter


We the People: Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country - Description

Our dysfunction and destruction is a result of one thing. We have turned our backs on God as a nation. Our Founding Fathers would be saddened to see our condition today-but they would not be surprised because they warned us. 

So what is the answer? What is the solution? First, it will take ALL of us who truly love God and truly love this country to get involved. If a portion of our population has turned their back on God-WE HAVE NOT! Yet, we have allowed this corrupt, woke, and evil minority to run the show. Enough is enough! Here is what we can do. We need to pray, and pray some more! That is the main reason for We The People: Daily Devotional for Loving God & Country. Instead of simply continuing with laying out the truth and facts about our national condition, as Mist Carter did in the previous two books, now that we have the facts, we need to put on the Armor of God! We the People, a one page per day devotion will guide you.

Book Title: Nevada Heartland: The Place Names of Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey Counties, Nevada

Author: Mary B. Ansari


Nevada Heartland: The Place Names of Carson City, Douglas, Lyon and Storey Counties, Nevada - Description

Do you know the answers? In what city was a major horse racing track, considered to be the fastest track in the Pacific Coast area, located? What place name in Syria is also a place name in Lyon County? What woman, in 1875, won a bid to erect an iron fence with gates around the Nevada State Capitol Building grounds? What did the customers call the liquor, made by a saloon owner in Yerington, in the early settlement days? These are just a few of the many bits and pieces of interesting facts in Nevada Heartland. As Eric Moody commented in the foreword to Nevada Heartland, “One can dip into the book at any point and find not only significant information about the name of a specific place, but also little-known facts or stories relating to the site.”

Book Title: Fighting the Good Fight

Author: Michael W. Dorn


Fighting the Good Fight - Description

It is all about the fight.

Book Title: YES SIR - MA'AM

Author: Valerie Perea Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (RET)


YES SIR - MA'AM - Description

In 1970, Perea entered the Army as a Second Lieutenant and in 1992, she retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.  During her career in the Army, she had assignments that ultimately made her a leading authority on the women in the Army during that time frame.  She served as an Army recruiter at the beginning of the integration of females into previously all male units.

As a WAC Company Commander, she deactivated the last WAC Company in the US Army and spent a year in the Congressionally mandated study, MAX WAC.  She also wrote her master’s thesis on the male perception of the proper utilization of the female soldier.

When she retired in 1992, she was the senior woman in the Army Transportation Corps.  Following her retirement, she earned a law degree and is presently a member of the District of Columbia Bar.

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